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Commentary May 22nd 2017                                   Investment opportunity

Mohamed El-Erian and others at FundForum 2016

Disrupting the Hedge Fund industry       


A profitable, risk controlled, algorithmic high frequency Forex trading system, with minimal overheads

We are disruptive: In the same way as Airbnb disrupted hospitality*, we are disrupting algorithmic Hedge Fund trading. We exploit technology and the availability of data. We replicate the systems concepts that large hedge funds have spent years on, and used teams of programmers and traders to build. Notwithstanding this, our intellectual property is our own, developed from the ground up - it is only the concepts that we have replicated. Similarly, while we do High Frequency Trading, it is completely ethical. We do not engage in nefarious practices like front-running or spoofing.

GBP/USD 2016 EUR/GBP 2016 USD/CAD 2016 USD/CHF 2016

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 We are not innovative at our core, however. Fundamental innovation is expensive, and is only very occasionally effective. We have perfected tried and tested algorithmic methodologies, we make full use of new but well-proven technology, and we are prepared to put in the work that is needed to make sure that our trading system remains reliable and robust. To enable us to do all of this, we have access to a sophisticated software development system and large amounts of highly granulated historical data from one of the most respected Forex brokers in the industry. At the same time, we are very conscious of the fact that currency pair movement characteristics are constantly changing, and for this reason we concentrate on the most recent data and are continuously testing to make sure that the way our software is configured remains at its most effective.

People who know about these things have remarked that certain aspects of our software design are inspired.

We are building up our track record but we need to accelerate this process. That also requires funding.

We run a lean operation. Our operating costs are minimal.

* Mohamed El-Erien has pointed out (see video at top) that while it took the Hilton Corporation one hundred years to deliver 700,000 rooms for its hospitality customers, Airbnb only needed six years to deliver one million rooms. And Airbnb knew very little about hospitality at its start.


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