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Live managed account      
     (You will be redirected to Dukascopy)

For a managed account, all funds provided by the client are held by Dukascopy Swiss Bank. The money manager has no access to these funds other than for trading. The broker, Dukascopy, calculates and pays all profit share, commission and management fee amounts and remits them to the money manager as appropriate on a monthly basis. Clients can limit or completely stop trading at the touch of a button. Funds can be withdrawn with complete ease at any time.

Profit share is calculated by Dukascopy on the High Water Mark principle. This means that no profit sharing can take place in any month unless the account is at a higher level of equity than it had been at the end of the previously highest month.

It works as in the "High Water Mark calculation illustration" below.

Our Account Manager code for opening a Dukascopy managed account is: BACC77

You open your External Live Managed Account with Dukascopy, not with Ethical HFT. You must confirm that you agree with the terms, which are 20% profit share, 2% annual management fee and US$50 commission for every $1 million traded. Please quote our External Money Manager code, which is: BACC77. To open an account with Dukascopy that is linked to our managed trading account you should go to the Dukascopy account opening page by hitting the "Live managed account" button above. Dukascopy will assist you and will also carry out the necessary regulatory compliance checking. As you proceed with the account opening steps you will be asked to specify that your new account is an externally managed account. You should indicate that it is, and input the code: BACC77. This code will allow Dukascopy to link your account to our managed trading account. Dukascopy ensures that you have full control of your account at all times, and that we only have access to it for trading purposes.

The MT4 / MT5 version of the algorithmic Forex trading software is now complete. This is a complete re-write, and not a bridge or an adaptor. The new software is now undergoing testing. Results so far are very positive.

Ethical HFT 
is the managed Forex trading account site of Seamus McKenna MBA.  <MORE>

When you open a managed account
, I send you a copy of my book. Then, as you monitor the real-time performance of your managed account, which is traded using our algorithmic, high frequency routines, you can see the forces that move the Forex market, the importance of timing and discipline, the effects of such things as support and resistance, and the impact of fundamental market-moving events.

You can also just sit back and observe the performance of the equity in your account.